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Beckett and Gagaku

21 marzo 2016

The Japanese elaboration of the Gagaku, having some Chinese traits, opens up to nonsense, showing the exorcism of nakedness. There is a code hindering artistic efficacy. In Japan, the naturalistic appeal to the Shinto gives this genre a special meaning, which becomes the waiting for the unavoidable. To our Western ears, the Gagaku seems to be an infinite transposition of Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot”. The meaning vanishes, up to the point where the noise takes over the scene; there is an alternation between silence and sound, which every software would be able to reproduce. The sequences seem to be free, as if they happen by chance, the bars and the loop follow one another, challenging all analogies with the
Western patterns.

From Leonardo Arena, Cage Nagarjuna Wittgenstein, Kindle Edition


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