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Giacomo Leopardi and John Cage on Boredom

22 marzo 2016

The secret is always revealed by chance, when everything looks like chaotic or cacophonous: in a yin environment you may play with feeling, diving the yang element into slumbering, or producing it implicitly. Is this not the essence of the Gagaku, when boredom seems to invalidate all artistic claims? Cage exorcizes it, considering boredom a mark of richness, and binding it to a perception emphasizing it. It is completely different in Schopenhauer or Giacomo Leopardi, where boredom is the negative, the pause of a wish waiting for rebirthing. According to Cage and the Gagaku, instead of standing out as the limbic anteroom of pain, boredom can produce the novelty of repetition through the hug between the senses and the mind: in sum, it reveals the glut of art.

from: Leonardo Arena, Cage Nagarjuna Wittgenstein, Kindle Edition


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