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Technique of Nudity

5 aprile 2016

In the West, some Asian masters have recourse to compromises. They were convinced of the supreme truth being apart from language and regulatory ethics, and had to advise their American pupils to adopt a technique. They wanted to adjust to their limited consciousness. The discourse would be ended at once, if someone had said: “There’s only Nothingness, or Emptiness.” Technique is a boomerang: a pupil risks clinging to it, separating himself from reality. The Yoga adept rejoices at performing difficult postures, and the Zen one at keeping his back upright, a posture more adequate to an athlete than a mystic; the Christian one at reciting a prayer full of content and expectations. Technique overcomes those who practice it; let’s consider a pianist wanting to adhere to the score, who
thinks that one note superfluous will change the meaning of the composition. A tool is mistaken for the goal.

From Leonardo Arena, Illusions, Kindle Edition 2014


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