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Teachers and Pupils

7 aprile 2016

In a public lecture, there is always someone who asks questions threatingly. He is not looking for answers, or making an impression, but only receiving attention. It may also happen in a group, when someone needs to speak about himself, relating everything to him. Regardless of the topic, this person intervenes, and talks about a personal instance, even not related to the topic. He claims that people listen to him, and he repeats the same tale, glorifying his role. The pupil wants the teacher can understand how much clever he is, pretending he has not missed a word of the lecture. There is a double bind: whatever the teacher does, the pupil will never be satisfied. If the teacher answers, the pupil asks other questions; if he does not, the pupil will be hostile to him.

From Leonardo Arena, Illusions, Kindle Edition 2014.


From → filosofia

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