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Sylvian and Dostoevskij

23 giugno 2016

In World Citizen David Sylvian said he needed a second skin, another chance. He closed the song with a desperate cry: “What can you do?”. Layla and Majnun, in a Sufi story, are the eternal lovers. They had been separated for a time, and Layla’s door has been closed. Who knows the password disclosing it? Majnun knocked on the door. Layla asked: “Who is there?”. Majnun answered: “I’m here.”The door is closed. It will be opened only when Majnun says: “I’m…you. Please, open the door!”.
Today we are very far from the spirit of World Citizen. The protagonist of Dostoevskij’s Memories from the Underground is sympathetic to the men of our time, saying: “I’m alone, they are everybody else.” Today, we can feel ourselves only in distancing from others: we fear them, and feel them as threatening…


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