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Aut Aut: Either Music or Philosophy

24 giugno 2016

I met with Sylvian when I gave up any hope to find a musical identity. I was in a dilemma: had I to study as a philosopher or as a musician? I couldn’t find a solution. Either way, my career was in the beginning. I chose to become a philosopher, but I was not convinced: music was appealing, but philosophy was as well. I have always tried to find a dimension in music that was also alchemic. In the lyrics and lives of the great musicians of the 70s, I saw a philosophy more solid than that one in universities; in those years, Marxism was omnipresent, and accepted dogmatically. Philosophy was for me the science-fictional world of the Van der Graaf Generator, the return of the early King Crimson to the Middle Ages, the elusive digressions of The Soft Machine to the borders of tonality, the refrigerant exit from the narrowness of 4/4 rhythms. In philosophy, only Nietzsche or Zen masters could promise fresh air.

From Leonardo Arena, David Sylvian as a Philosopher, Mimesis International 2015


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